You may have considered Python, Go, Java or Kotlin, but deep down you know C# is your preferred language. Great, that's our preferred developer and it just so happens that we have room for one more senior! Now, it wouldn't be a bad thing if you're looking to upset the applecart, because that's what we're doing to the consumer goods industry. In fact, it is your industry experience, ability to think outside the box and curiosity that will help us make a real impact. Together, we'll give retail operators control of their business in this fast-paced world.

So, what does a day in the life of a retail software developer at Spinnaker Software look like? Well, besides starting your day the right way, you know with a cup of coffee and stand-up (team not comedy). You will dreamstorm features and craft functionality with your team. You'll then dive into coding, expanding our architecture and making sure it runs seamlessly. You might also work on integrations with third-party providers, such as payment gateways, loyalty systems, master data, ordering fulfilment and warehouse management systems. Our tech stack is MS SQL, Azure Devops and DevExpress.

I'm sure you're wondering about the team. Similar to our solutions, we have different teams. There are the integrations, fuel, in-store, enterprise, B2B, and e-store teams - all specialising in their own niche. Curious about career growth? There are team movement opportunities and tons to learn. If that is not enough, we also provide learning and development sponsorship.

You'll work in a way that works for you (remote, hybrid or in-office) and will be invited to regular team-building activities and opportunities to socialise and unwind.

Join us and let's create solutions that give retailers worldwide, the edge!