Arch Financial Integration Department (“AFI”) is a business incubation project currently located under the Executive Division that implements and maintains an Arch / ERP integration service by supplying ERP change management services, financial integration services, business intelligence and bespoke reports to clients.

AFI’s purpose is to provide clients with an Arch / ERP integration that allows a client deeper insight into, and better understanding and financial control over the client’s FMCG retail businesses, by using data effectively to enable sound financial, operational and strategic decisions.

Job Purpose:

Manage AFI from incubation phase to a profit centre under the Spinnaker Group Operations Division. Operations are a separate corporate entity in the Group.

This role requires close collaboration with the AFIBI Product Owner, all Managers and the Product and System Architect.

Minimum Requirements:

  • BCom or BTech Degree or studying towards a degree, having completed first year accounting successfully.
  • SQL skills (preferred, however not essential)
  • Advanced Excel skills.
  • 2 years' + in a financial environment.
  • Intermediate to advanced Network and PC / Windows Server competency.
  • A working knowledge / understanding of Cloud Computing.
  • Ability to combine database knowledge with accounting knowledge.
  • Retail / POS experience (highly advantageous)
  • Strong Sage Evolution or similar small to medium ERP systems experience (essential)
  • Strong staff management experience.

Important Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Strategic Management:
    • Formulation of strategy in conjunction with the AFI Product Owner, other executive managers and Spinnaker Board Members.
    • Developing Action Plans in conjunction with the AFI Product Owner to give effect to the AFI Strategy.
    • Implement, and monitor Action Plan execution.
    • Report monthly to Exco on Action Plan progress and any re-alignment required.
    • Bi-annually re-evaluate the Strategy against market developments by conducting a SWOT analysis, identifying weaknesses to rectify, opportunities to improve on and to expand scope of services, while formulating strategies to mitigate any threats, all directed to further enhance customer experience and service level quality.
    • Immediate Strategic Goals are:
      • Establishing AFI as a revenue generating company asset.
      • Establish, implement & manage financial & BI reporting service offering

  • Business Processes & Agreement
    • Compile, implement and continuously review and refine business processes to ensure a clear delineation between product and services delivery, client responsibilities and deliverables to ensure that project creep and/or out of SLA services are quotes and invoiced.
    • Client and service provider agreements are reviewed.
  • Development:
    • Review and discuss with AFI Product Owner:
      • Development requirements.
      • Development roadmap.
      • Development service providers
      • Development Business Case
      • Development Progress
    • Present Development Business case to Exco:
      • New Product Development Committee
      • Exco

  • Public Relations & Marketing:
    • Plan with Marketing Executive:
      • Use infomercials to promote financial integration by detailing the long-term benefits, time and cost-savings to be achieved, backed up with good testimonials.
      • Create marketing material for sales consultants to use

  • Exco Reporting on:
    • KPI & discussion
    • Strategy/Action Plan Progress
      • Prior month Action Plan
      • Changes
      • Strategy
    • Development Business Cases
    • Considerations, Barriers & Discussion
    • Action Plan
    • Financial Management Report
    • Financial Forecast
    • Strategy & Action Plan Checklist

Human Resources:

  • Staff Management:
    • Compile a Departmental Organisation Board outlining the Departmental and Hat VFPs and KPIs
    • Using the Organisation Board and KPIs to compile Hat write-ups (job descriptions)
    • Using the Organisation Board and KPIs determine resource requirements against existing client base
    • Implement timekeeping system to record departmental and staff activities, report thereon, bill clients and to formulate pricing strategy.
    • Manage team members against KPIs by determining the staff member’s condition and compiling Action Plans using the condition formula as guideline.
    • Plan Individual development and training paths for team members.
    • Conduct bi-annual performance assessments and goal achievement against KPIs and compiling Action Plans using the condition formula.
    • Monitor remuneration and pay scales to ensure it is market related and in line with Spinnaker remuneration strategy.


  • Marketing Material
    • Monitor and ensure marketing material is being disseminated
  • Sales Training
    • In liaison with the National Sales Manager ensure sales consultants are adequately trained to enable them to sell AFI Services & Products
    • Regular refresher training
  • Sales
    • Identify market leads/opportunities and pass on to National Sales Manager
    • Weekly monitor Sales activities on CRM ensuring AFI is being promoted by sales consultants
    • Ensure quotes are prepared timeously
    • Evaluate client bespoke solutions prepare and present solutions based ensuring client is quoted accordingly.


  • Financial Management Report reflects the results of operations for the reporting period.
  • Attend and provide input at the forecast meetings.
  • Ensure all invoices are settled


  • Implementations: (with the AFI Product Owner)
    • Schedule implementations
    • To ensure optimal use/outcomes of new platforms assigned support resources to a client prior to implementation
  • Special Reports and BI
    • Manage requests for special reports.

Customer Support:

  • Support:
    • Monthly support call review:
      • Volume of calls
      • Root cause analysis
    • Develop plans to reduce calls
    • Evaluate out of SLA calls to quote and invoice

Business Development:

  • Ensure AFI Product Owner availability to attend solution presentations with the Business Development Manager.

Key involvement with others:

  • CEO
  • EXCO
  • Current customers
  • Prospective customers
  • Sage Evolution
  • Branch Managers
  • Sales
  • Development
  • BI Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Monitors
  • Support
  • Finance
  • Administration

Required Behaviours:

  • To simplify
  • Propensity to own
  • Problem solving
  • Resilience
  • Responsiveness
  • Resilience
  • Team inclination
  • Altruism
  • Discipline
  • Drive / energetic
  • Passion
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Assertive

Scope for growth and career development form part of this role, and hence we seek a top calibre, highly professional, experienced and business savvy individual whom, as an organisation, we can invest in.

Wishing you well with your application and career endeavours.